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Women's Retreats

Women's Retreats

Retreats offer the opportunity to disconnect so you can reconnect with what matters most: “YOU”!

 Women’s Retreats

I passionately host women retreats which focus on becoming fearlessly aligned.  They are a combination of time for self-reflection and release of what no longer serves your life, group activities, discussions, physical activities such as YOGA, nutrition, life coaching and so much more!


“Thank you, Wendie for hosting the Fearlessly Aligned Women’s Retreat in St Pete Beach, Florida. I was able to have the breakthrough I needed to move past my fears.  I have built friendships that I believe will be lifelong. You created an environment that felt safe to laugh, cry and share our deepest fears and desires.” S. Doheney VIP One-on-one Retreats.

The VIP retreats our customized to your specific needs and goals. These retreats allow an intensive approach to standard coaching. They allow you to dive deep and accelerate the process of living congruently with your purpose and vision. 

Whether your looking to jumpstart your journey of healing, identifying your blocks or growth or you are wanting to recharge.  These retreats are a 2-5 day experience which are for those serious and ready to dig deep and live abundantly aligned. 

Christ-Centered Retreats

Christ-centered retreats are designed for those looking to deepen their spiritual path. Whether searching for a deeper purpose, to strengthen your relationship with God or to re-ground in your faith; these retreats are created for you.  When you attend these specific retreats, you can expect time alone to allow for meditation, prayer or just be still to hear and feel God’s presence, fellowship with others and as with all my retreats fun and creative activities!


Business Retreats: 

I offer executive VIP retreats for those business executives looking for accelerated and intensive growth. 

I also offers team building retreats for companies looking to improve cohesiveness, productivity and success among their various organizational teams. 

Both  an individual executive retreat and the team building retreats are customized to the targeted goals and needs of those attending the retreat.

Contact her office for availability to speak at your next event!

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