Wendie Lloyd Best Selling Author

Wendie Lloyd is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Mindset Coach, Best-Selling Author and Certified Keynote Speaker. She is a well-known expert helping people turn their pain into purpose. She’s helped hundreds overcome trauma and grief.  Wendie has guided people of all ages through their journey of attaining their visions and dreams.  She encourages us to live fearlessly aligned in our purpose. 

Wendie's book The Mindset Makeover: Living Your Life with Clarity and Purpose established her as a Best selling author within days of the books launch. 

All her books are available for immediate purchase in digital or paperback.

“The Mindset Makeover.” The intention of this book is to assist you with changing your mindset and aligning your purpose, perspective, and priorities to attain your goals and live a purpose filled life.

We may not be able to control our circumstances, relationships, or environments, but we can control our mindset and perceptions. As a counselor and coach, I’ve discovered that the biggest difference between those who move beyond their obstacles and those who remain stuck is their ability to transform their mindset.


We are equipped to consistently learn and grow with a purpose. When we become stagnant, we stop living the life we are created to live. Our mind, heart, body and soul are intricately connected, which means that a shift malfunction in one impacts our entire being. Think of your mind as the control center. Throughout this book, you will read about various life experiences and the role mindset played in the outcomes. You will learn practical applications that will help you make sustainable changes to your mindset.

Uncovering Childhood Secrets is the story of Sarah. Sarah was abused by several family members and felt unloved by her mother. It's a story of her painful childhood that she kept buried deep in her subconcious until the tragic and sudden loss of her son.

Sarah struggled her whole adult life with severe anxiety and boughts of depression. After the unexpected death of her only son, she sought therapy to cope with her grief. During the process of grief therapy her past began to surface. Painful memories of abuse and neglect. The terrifying events of her childhood were being released. She feared sharing her past with her children and although her husband knew some things she didn't tell him the depth of the abuse.

She was afraid her family wouldn't be able to handle the truth of her childhood. She feared rejection because as a child she never felt accepted or loved. As therapy progressed she began to realize how loved she is by her husband and chidlren. Her relationships deepened.