Why Wendie

Hello and Welcome! Let me tell you a little about myself.


Since 2000, I have been guiding people, from all walks of life, along a journey to growing through their pain, traumas, losses and fears; ultimately living their desired life.  I am an internationally known creator of change as a Mindset Coach, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Best-Selling Author and Certified Keynote Speaker.  Additionally, I am a mother of two grown and firmly rooted young men.  My extensive training, research and practice allows me the insight into the human mindset and behavior which affords me the understanding of the motivating factors and protocols of change.  

I  know the impact our life experiences, thoughts and beliefs have on our choices and successes in life. It’s my desire to encourage others to live fearlessly – aligned, mind, body and soul.   Whether personally or professionally I believe it’s important to create a positive-growth mindset; through healing and clarity of purpose and vision. 

I enjoy hosting a variety of events including; personal and group retreats, masterminds and workshops. My training, education, professional and personal life experiences and extraordinary ability to instinctively and empathetically connect and inspire others: has propelled me to one of the most sought-after speakers and coaches in the world.

I look forward to connecting and guiding you along the journey to discovering your ultimate life and living in confidence and unapologetically YOU!

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Wendie Lloyd,MA, LCMHC


Charlotte, North Carolina

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