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Mindset and
Lifestyle Coaching

The power of growth lies within you. Positive change will come when you break generational and life patterns and finally let go of obstacles that serve no purpose. You can then begin to align your life in the way you feel confident being who you were created to be.

My passion is helping those who are ready to elevate their life to a higher level. For over 20 years, I have guided people from all walks of life, through turning pain into purpose, rewriting the faulty internal script and go from coasting to intentionally engaged in living as they desire.

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Wendie Lloyd

Wendie Lloyd
Mindset Specialist

The journey of change can feel overwhelming, unclear and scary. You have been created to flourish, serve, and confidently live each day with purpose and intent.

Let’s begin the adventure to enlightenment and fearless living together!

Benefits of a
Healthy Mindset

The success to positive change lies within your mindset. You will gain clarity, focus and motivation once you learn to forgive, let go and shift your faulty thinking. Here are just a few benefits to a healthy mindset.

Mental Clearity

Mental Clarity

Improved Self-Confidence


Healthy Relationships


Improved Energy


Spiritual Enlightenment


Professional Speaker
Wendie Lloyd

Emotions stir the desire for change and impact.

Wendie has an innate gift to reach her audiences at an emotional level. Often creating a shift in mindset and motivation.

She is a certified keynote and motivational speaker. Wendie is available to speak at a variety of events including: retreats, fundraisers, corporate and professional organization event, and award ceremonies.

Wendie’s experience from hosting and attending numerous events, lends to her keen ability to engage her audiences through inspirational and motivational stories and her contagious energy. She has been professionally trained to read her audience through energy in the room along with the overall message of the event.

Contact her office today for availability to speak at your next event!

Wendie Lloyd

Leadership Training
& Team Building

Research proves the effectiveness of leadership training and team building activities to improve organizational cohesiveness, productivity and overall corporate success. Wendie and her team offer in house and retreat style trainings for executives and their teams.

Emotional IQ Training

IQ Training (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is a key ingredient for professional success. EQ training is shown to improve: Self-awareness, self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. It also benefits leaders when it comes to effective communication, motivation and keeping employees engaged in their daily work tasks and goals.

Wendie offers assessments and training in improving and applying EQ in the workplace.

Customized Trainings


Although there are business and leadership principles that can be applied to any business; there are often industry or business specific needs that must be assessed for success. Wendie has partnered with various experts in a variety of industries to create effective - customized training specific to your organization or industry.

Contact us today to discuss your organizations needs

Types of
Coaching Offered

Mid-life affords us an opportunity to reflect upon where we’ve been and how we will choose to live the second half of life. Wendie primarily serves women who are in the mid-life phase of life. Those who are experiencing key life-transitions or those in professional and executive roles seeking fulfillment in all aspects of life.

All her coaching services allow for growth in all aspects of life; spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, relationally and emotionally. She will guide you through tapping into your purpose and building strong resiliency for sustainable growth and fulfillment.

One-on-one or individual coaching allows a customized approach to address your specific needs and goals. Since Wendie serves women internationally, these sessions are virtual unless special arrangements are made ahead of time for in person

This option is for those who are highly motivated and ready for a deep dive into their internal processes at an elevated and advanced level. These are individual, in person at the location of the client’s choosing. There is also an option for a couples 2 day intensive who are seeking to improve or create more cohesiveness in their relationship.

Success doesn’t happen overnight and the journey whether professionally or personally can be lonely. A community offers support, inspiration and accountability. The Fearlessly Alive Mastermind is for the woman who is motivated for change and prefers a group setting which meets regularly.

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Women's Retreats

Wendie’s women retreats are designed to allow women to become fearlessly aligned. The retreats consist of a time of self-reflection, group activities, presentations, physical activities, nutrition, life coaching and so much more!

Wendie offers Customized Executive and Organizational Retreats, Executive VIP retreats for those looking for accelerated and intensive growth. She also offers team building retreats to cultivate cohesiveness, increased productivity and success amongst organizational teams.

“Thank you, Wendie, for hosting the Fearlessly Aligned Women’s Retreat in St Pete Beach, Florida. I was able to have the breakthrough I needed to move past my fears. I built lifelong friendships. You created an environment that felt safe to laugh, cry and share our deepest fears and heart desires.” - S. Doheny

Customized Executive and Organizational Retreats Available

Wendie offers executive VIP retreats for those looking for accelerated and intensive growth. She also offers team building retreats to cultivate cohesiveness, increased productivity and success amongst organizational teams.

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The Mindset Makeover books on a nightstand.

The Mindset Makeover

“The Mindset Makeover.” The intention of this book is to assist you with changing your mindset and aligning your purpose, perspective, and priorities to attain your goals and live a purpose filled life.

Think of your mind as the control center. Throughout this book, you will read about various life experiences and the role mindset played in the outcomes. You will learn practical applications that will help you make sustainable changes to your mindset.

Revitalize Your Mind
& Professional Skills

A clear and focused mind benefits your professional success as well as your overall life style.

  • Improved overall energy in your work environment
  • Cohesive Working Relationships
  • Raised EQ within you Organization
  • Growth-minded leadership skills
  • Elevated enthusiasm and motivation
  • Increased bottom line
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Find Your Life Purpose,
& Live Fearlessly

A clear and intentional mind drives the direction of your life, and your soul unlocks the answers to your truth and purpose. There’s no better time than NOW to begin experiencing the life you’ve been created to live! Give us a call and let’s BEGIN!

  • Mastery of your Mindset
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Confidence to speak your truth
  • Attract Healthy & Fulfilling Relationships
  • Breakthrough Doubt & Fear
  • Boldly Walk into any “room”
  • Live Fearlessly - Alive & Free
  • Enthusiasm for Life
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