Personal Coaching

Are you tired of feeling chained to your past?  Do you find yourself being driven by fear? Is your mind clouded with regret and doubt?  

You know you've been created for a unique purpose.   You can feel it stirring inside you and your tired of feeling unsettled, fearful and unfulfilled.  

There's a plan for your life bigger than any pain, trauma or loss you've endured.  Are you ready to unleash your God-given gifts and visions? 

The power for growth and positive change lies within you!  Once you remove the blocks, break the generational patterns and release all that no longer serves you;  your life begins to align with all your were created to be.   You gain clarity, confidence and certainty over your journey. 


Are you ready for THE breakthrough that will set you on the path of an enlightened, richer and more fulfilled life?  Are you ready to transform your mindset and remove the barriers of false and limiting beliefs?  

The journey of change may feel overwhleming, uncertain and scarey.   Let's begin your journey of healing and empowerment together.  

My coaching program is designed to fit your individual needs, regardless of your season of life.  

Some benefits of personal coaching: 

  • Breakthroughs to identify and extinguish limiting beliefs 

  • Mastery of  your Mindset 

  • Trauma-Focused Healing

  • Clarity and awareness of  visions, goals and direction

  • Flipping the internal script to create confidence 

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence

  • Enriched and healthy relationships

  • Insight to stand firmly rooted in your values and beliefs

  • Intentional and Purposeful living 

  • Master your emotions

**Intensive one-on-one VIP retreats are also available. As well as my Mindset Mastery Course available soon!

Mental Health - Healing and Coping

Sometimes the blocks that prevent one from moving forward and achieving their dreams and visions come from a mental illness.  As a Licesned Clincial Mental Health Counselor, with 20+ years experience treating mental health issues, Wendie offers services as a mental health practitioner seperate from personal coaching.   

 These services are provided to assess, treat and promote healing and healthy coping mechanisms for an array of mental health struggles.  Some of which may be: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, unresolved trauma's from past and other mood disorders which may have a genetic component. 

Our mental health has an intrinsic role in our overall wellbeing and therefore success in life.  Sustainable change and success is dependant upon our overall health, beginning with our mental health. 


Unresolved trauma has been shown to alter our brain development and composition.  It may be the foundation of many physical and mental illnesses.  Unhealed trauma also can have a significant impact on relationships both personal and professional. 

Mental health treatment is seperate from personal and professional coaching.  Though both lend to a healthy and mentally clear life; mental health treatment allows healing from the past and coaching focuses on turning the pain of the past into purpose for a fulfilled future. 

Let's Connect


Success doesn’t happen overnight and the journey to success whether in business or personally can be lonely.  A community offers support, inspiration and accountability to push through until you reach your goals.  I have partnered with Cheryl O’Hearn, a certified coach, author and speaker and together we’ve created Perfectly You. Perfectly You is a mastermind group for women entrepreneurs and executives. 


The mastermind offers: 

  • Monthly Group Zoom calls

  • Accountability partnerships

  • Collaborative Business Opportunities 

  • Practical Trainings 

  • Opportunity for one-on-one coaching 

  • A community of supportive, motivated and successful women


This is for the woman entrepreneur or executive:

  • Who is motivated yet lacks accountability

  • Who believes in her vision yet allows others to influence her otherwise

  • Who knows her desired life yet allows obstacles to discourage her from pursuing her dreams

  • Who struggles to prioritize her time efficiently 

  • Who is tired of building her business alone


Click on the following link to join Perfectly You or to sign up for our mailing list and start creating a life on your own terms:


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